Monday, July 15, 2013

"S...peachy" Feedback Linky Party

I. love. feedback.
Whenever that little "ding" goes off letting me know someone left feedback my heart skips a beat. Your comments, words of encouragement and positive ratings let me know I'm on to something!
That's why I'm creating my first ever linky party: "Speachy Feedback." Some of the teacher blogs I follow love linky parties. I decided SLPs should get in on the fun! 

It's super easy to join. 

1. Head on over to your TPT store (or TN store) and scour over your feedback. Find one that really made your day, was informative and gave good insight on your product. 

2. Blog about it and give a shout-out to the username who left it. Tell that person to contact you for a free item of your store. 

3. Link back to me using the image above. 

Here's mine!

Thanks for leaving such wonderful feedback! You can find this product HERE.  Lucky username "atim715" email me for a free product out of my store!


  1. This is a great idea! It reminds me again to be grateful and I love being able to give feedback back to people. Thanks for hosting this linky party.


  2. Hi Allison. I love this idea and am new to the linky parties and trying to figure out how to get image to link back to you. I made the mistake of adding my linky site above and can't erase it. It will take me some time to get it all together sorry that the post is not up yet. I'm working on it. Jen (slprunner2013)

    1. No problem, Jen. Thanks for joining the linky!


Nicole Allison