Monday, July 8, 2013

Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat {Product Review}

Guess what?! I'm a lot like you. Even as you read this, I'm probably somewhere reading a blog as well. I love catching up on what others are doing in their therapy rooms. That's why when I saw Speech Room News' review of Vocabulary Chipper Chat, I just had to buy one myself.

And...then I bought some more ( husband will find out when he sees the bill from"Super Duper").
I decided to buy the Phonological Awareness Chipper Chat because I have soooo many kiddos working on these skills. 

By the way, did you know that research has demonstrated that phonological awareness benefits students with speech impairments in the areas of reading and math?

Yes-it's true! And you can thank Kirk and Gillon for providing that little fact :-). 

Kirk, C., Gillon, GT. (2007). Longitudinal Effects of Phonological Awareness Intervention on Morphological Awareness in Children with Speech Impairment. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools.  38(4): 342-352

I have used this product several times and here is why I like it. 

1. It's simple. 
  • Take a turn
  • Place a chip on your board
  • When your board is filled, use the "magic" wand and suck them all up!
              I love this! It doesn't take long to explain the directions. 

2. To date, I have not know a single elementary student to not loooove Chipper Chat. There's something special about those chips that even some of my most-difficult-to-entertain-students adore. 

3. It's convenient. Everything comes packed in the handy dandy green case (with a handle on it!)

Okay, now that we've been through the superficial stuff, heres the meat (and why I love it even more). 

4. It works for A LOT of my students. We've already established that working on phonological awarness skills transfers to other areas such as math and reading but it's also great for articulation! Manipulating phonemes allows my students to think and process the different sounds they are making. 

5. This kit contains it all. 

  • Discrimination of rhyming words
  • Production of rhyming words
  • Segmentation of words in a sentence
  • Blending of syllables
  • Segmentation of syllables
  • Deletion of syllables
  • Identification of phonemes
  • Blending of phonemes
  • Segmentation of phonemes
  • Deletion of phonemes
  • Addition of phonemes
  • Manipulation of phonemes

Guess what? There are also levels of difficulty! This is great when I have one student who is doing really well and another who is struggling. This makes it super easy to differentiate my teaching. 

6. The pages allows me to be much more efficient with my time. I'll admit something to you...whenever I worked on phonological awareness skills before, I would usually make up my own (ugh!).  It took a few seconds for my brain to come up with the typical "Say "cat." Now change the /k/ to a /b/ sound" manipulations and I was wasting precious therapy time! With this kit, it's all in front of me now. 

I have loved my little Chipper Chat. Remember-if you order one, Super Duper has free shipping! Please let me know-do you use Chipper Chat in your therapy? If so, which ones?!


  1. Ok I want one now! Lol. Love chipper chat! Thanks for the review! :)

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