Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Into Speech Blog Hop

As I type this, I am literally sitting on my front porch in a rocking chair in 74 degree weather listening to chirping (you can see my laptop perched on the rocking chair :-)) Spring is finally here!

To kick off this long-awaited for season, I've joined some friends in the Spring into Speech Blog Hop! Seventeen fabulous bloggers have joined together to provide you with a freebie from each of us. As you stop at each blog, you will be given a clue. Then, to add to your delight, put those 17 clues together to form a phrase and you have a chance to win much-loved TPT gift cards!
Hop on through the blogs and at the end, enter via Rafflecopter to win!

1st Prize - $50 Gift Certificate to TpT
2nd Prize - $30 Gift Certificate to TpT
3rd Prize - $20 Gift Certificate to TpT

Wow!-17 freebies AND TPT gift cards?! This is one blog hop you don't want to miss!

Here is my spring freebie just for you-"Spring" into Parts of Speech! 

I've created visuals working on the following parts of speech.

You also receive two worksheets targeting the identification and application of these parts!

You can grab my freebie HERE!

And...here are the secret letters as my clue to the phrase!

Now you're set to continue your journey. Make sure you check out all of these wonderful blogs!
Good luck and thanks for visiting!


  1. The next blog post isn't up yet.....is it not supposed to be?

    Thanks for the freebie! :)

  2. Oh, it's up now. Never mind! :)

  3. Great blog- I've added you to my "like" list!! I love finding new blogs and activities on these blog hops! We had 70 degrees yesterday- today its 27 degrees- spring...

  4. Thanks, wow so many freebies!

    Karen from AFVSLP

  5. Thanks for the Blog Hop freebie! Really like your visuals in this packet!


Nicole Allison