Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Craftivity {Freebie!}

Here in Mrs. Allison's room, my little chipmunks have "spring" on their mind and so does this lady! With the nice weather and beautiful flowers also comes busy bodies, bottoms that can't sit, and hands that just can't seem to keep to themselves! So...in order to keep their little hands busy, I created this free kite craftivity.

Since I own the Expanding Expression Tool, I had my kiddos use their kites to describe objects. If you do not currently own this amazing tool, I highly recommend it (please don't attempt to make your own version).  

However, I made the download generic so that you could choose the skill you want to work on. The possibilities are endless: creating sentences (one word for each bow), prefixes (a word that starts with a certain prefix on each bow), word ladders, synonyms/antonyms, articulation sounds. Have fun!

In addition to the download, all you need is ribbon. 

To download, simply click HERE!

I'd love to see how you use them! Please send pictures for me to share of the ways you utilized them in therapy!


Nicole Allison