Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Wonderful Spring Break {and Sale!}

My spring break was this last week. As I sit here writing this, I'll admit I'm a little envious of all of you who are just now beginning yours. However, I do wish you a safe, fun, relaxing vacation!
At first I was feeling down that (like usual), I did not get nearly as much done as I wanted to. However, as I reflect in this post to you, I realize that I actually did accomplish some things!

  • It started off looking like this:
 Neighboring school districts were calling for snow days. There is something wrong when your friends are enjoying a snow day on your first day of spring break. I also came home with the flu on my last day of school. Boo! Don't worry though-it got much better!

  • To comfort myself (and bring a little summer joy), I made a batch of strawberry shortcake.

Okay, I actually made this twice on two different occasions while on spring break (but who's counting!)

  • My husband and I finished our bedroom. Those of you who keep up on this little blog know that we are currently renovating a 125 year old house. We were finally able to move downstairs after sleeping upstairs for over a year and we are loving it! For more pictures, come visit me at my other blog:

  • We went on a flash vacation to Niagara Falls. We found a Groupon for an amazing deal that we just couldn't pass up (although it was a little hard to leave our newly finished bedroom:-)). Ironically, this was my very first visit to Canada eventhough I live in Ohio. We had a wonderful time!

  • I detailed my husband's car. He's an accountant so this is his "busy time." I felt a tad sorry that I was on spring break while he was working long hours so I spent a considerable evening cleaning and washing every particle in that car. I'll admit-it sparkled when I was done. And...a happy husband makes a happy wife :-)

  • Last but not least and just for you, I worked on creating an extension pack (grades 6-12) for my Curriculum-Based Language Assessments. They're not quite done but I wanted to let you know they are on their way!

For those of you who are just beginning your break-I am wishing lots of sun and relaxing days toward you! My TPT store will be joining others as we celebrate Easter-enjoy 15% off!

Happy Easter!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your spring break with us! But...OH MY GOSH all that snow! Crazy to think of it when we are getting days in the 70s and 80s down here. And now I really want to eat strawberry shortcake now! Yummm!

  2. Your house is super cute! My husband and I love to renovate/redcorate and repurpose! Alos, I can't wait to check out your assessments when they are done!

    Mind Sparks


Nicole Allison