Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Language Writing Activity Upper Level {Freebie}'s cold out there! Here I am, snuggled up with Toto (my adorable little poodle) on my  lap drinking hot chocolate (the kind with the mini marshmallows) and I'm still cold :-)

I want to let you in on what I've been busy doing lately. I've been focusing on my older students in middle and high school. I find that sometimes, I can get so caught up with the elementary kiddos making cute crafts, having fun activities, creating rewards and visuals that I sometimes neglect my older students. Then, these students are left to the same old drilling and boring worksheets. 
Not so though these last few weeks! Instead, with these new materials I'm sharing with you, my therapy room has been packed full of learning AND laughter (a great combination in my mind) over at the middle and high school.  In addition to my newest activity, Ultimate Figurative Language Pack for Upper Level Students, I've created this freebie activity for you to use. 

First, start with the poem by James Parton. It describes snow without ever saying the word "snow." I have my students close their eyes and put themselves in the position of "I" when I read it to them. 
The poem contains great figurative language so I've included a few questions about it as well. 

Next, I wrote some winter words on cards and had my students draw a card. They then had to create their own riddle/poem. Using "I," my students had to describe the object without saying its name. 

They came up with some really neat riddles! Take this one for example:

"I am warm and cozy, 
People can wear these in a band
but most of all,
you'll see me on someone's hand." 

Can you guess it?! A mitten :-) 

Have students write their poems and display them or send them home to see if family and friends can guess their riddle. 

You can find this free activity in my TPT store HERE
I love to know if I'm meeting the needs of your caseload! Do you work with middle/high school students? Do you find these types of materials beneficial? Please let me know by considering becoming a follower of my store and leaving feedback.
Have fun!  


  1. Hi Nicole! Keep the upper level activities coming! I'm covering a maternity leave that is almost exclusively middle school and high school students. Coming from an MD/Preschool background, I'm at a loss. So thanks for the help!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Tess! This age-group is harder to find and target materials for, it seems. That would be hard going from preschool to upper level students! My other product right now for this age group is my Ultimate Figurative Language Packet ( which happens to be perfect for Valentine's Day and my students are having a blast with. I'll try to create some more freebies here soon! Thanks again!

  2. Hi, I just recently found this activity through Pinterest and would love to use it with my 4th graders. However, I can't seem to find it ini your TPT store. Is this still available for free download?

  3. Curled up with your puddle sounds a bit soggy, no wonder you're cold!
    Surely a poodle would be warmer!


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