Monday, January 21, 2013

Evidence-Based Intervention Page

I have a new idea. One of those that quietly whispers to you when you least expect it. I am sooo excited about it and I think you will be too :-).
As you know, I have my first student teacher. As one of her semester objectives, I'm requiring her to help me build an evidence-based intervention binder. (Yeah, I know, I'm tough). This binder would contain research articles for strategies in the areas of speech and language that provide evidence for using them.
I was thinking about it one morning last week as I was getting ready for school and that's when the idea whispered to me....It said "Why not share these strategies and benefit more therapists?" As soon as I heard it, I ran to my husband, jumping up and down thinking of all the possibilities. he usually does, nodded and smiled. :-)
So...I am creating an "Evidence-Based Interventions" tab. You will see it at the top of this page (right under "Speech Peeps").
The page will contain sources with:
1. the strategy
2. the research supporting it
3. links to more information and activities you can use for this strategy. (I'm trying to create some more on TPT).

My vision for this page is to become a one-stop location where you can come for research-based strategies and get activities to use with your students.
In order for this to work though, I will definitely need your help. Research can be tough to sort through (as my student teacher and I have already learned) so this page will can not just be me attributing to it.
I will need you (therapists, teachers, educators) contributing to it as well. PLEASE, please if you have strategies that you know are evidence-based, send them to me to place on this page. You may email me at: or post it in the comments below. When you email, please include at least:
1. The strategy
2. The research supporting it
3. Any activities/worksheets/links with more information on it

We definitely need to cite and give credit to the researchers out there and any website we take information from. Unfortunately, I will not be able to post anything you give me without the references to support it.

Let's make this page grow together! PLEASE, please let me know what you think!


  1. Awesome! I love it! Fantastic idea!! :)

  2. Really like this idea! I feel like Dr. Carlin really engraved Evidenced Based Practice into my brain, too!

  3. I have been going to a lot of inservices lately that have given us strategies that are research based! They did the work for us. I have a power point handout for autism and bilingual intervention. Sounds great!

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Nicole Allison