Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Sale!

We're almost there....3 more days!
If you need any last minute ideas, grab my Christmas Inference and Problem Solving Activities and  New Year Prediction Pack on sale for only$2! 

This Christmas Inference and Problem Solving Pack has tons of activities to get your little "elves" thinking! Students use clues to guess gifts, answer cause/effect questions, use prior knowledge to take off the "Santa Disguise" and make observations about similarities and differences. All this for only $2!

And...don't forget about the New Year! My Prediction Pack will have students predicting books, situations, the year 2013 and the future! This activity pack can also been used anytime-not just for New Years. Grab it now for only $2! 


Merry Christmas! 

Monday, December 17, 2012


I had a heavy heart as I walked into school today. Like a lot of you, I sat all weekend and pondered the events in Connecticut.

I mourn for lives that were lost-for what could have been-but I know that 26 children and adults ran into Jesus’ arms on Friday morning. I mourn for those left behind.

I mourn for
*the finance of Rachel who was about to propose to her on Christmas Eve,
*the parents of Olivia, who will never hear her lead grace again at the dinner table,
 *Grace’s grandma who will never see her granddaughter play dress-up with her make-up again.

I have actively sought out news stories covering the victims and have been humbled by the shear strength of the heroes in that elementary.

I’ll admit-it was hard for me to go in this morning. What questions will my students ask? Will I be able to speak words of peace and comfort? I was nervous.

However, I can honestly say that after reading the amazing tributes to the victims, I gained strength from their stories. I am proud to work in a school. I consider it my privilege. So…thank you to those working with our children. In my opinion, we are truly blessed to have this job.  

Many prayers for those families and friends. I pray for the peace and comfort to surround you from the only One that truly knows how….Please join me in a day of silence to honor those that were lost. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Decorating Ideas

Christmas always gets me in the mood to decorate and organize-what about you? I thought it would be a fun night of sharing some ideas. Come along with me and step into room 134 :-)

First, I found these adorable “12 Days of Christmas” flags for free from Kevin and Lori’s blog using clipart from Melonheadz Illustrating. I decorated my door at school with them but thought they would be cute enough to use even at home!

For a way to incorporate Common Core Standards into your therapy room, try using my Superhero Posters. Debi emailed me some great pictures of how she is using the “I Can” or “I Will” statements as a bulletin board! What better way to show your school how speech and language therapy IS addressed in the Common Core?!  I cannot wait to revamp my bulletin board next year!

I was sooo excited when I saw this little number at our local TJ Maxx store. It’s a jewelry organizer but fits my cards perfectly! I have been collecting tons of these little treasures from TPT- and with 60 pockets, I now have an amazing place to store them within reach and sight.


I also have a few items on my “Organizing To-Do” dream list. I love this idea of decorating a tool organizer from Pinterest. I found one of these at our local home improvement store for under $5. Now, I just need to spice it up!

I also love the idea of using jars or buckets for organizing pencils, crayons, pens, super speechie cards, and other gadgets for students to grab. (Another great idea I saw on Pinterest).


For more container ideas, check out Danielle’s blog (she has some great ones!)

Finally, I wanted to keep you in the loop on my Winter Bulletin Board, it looks like I’ll be busy making cupcakes this weekend!
What about you? I'd love to hear how you've been busy organizing or decorating this season!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Speech Craftivity *Freebie*

Deck the halls. My teachers here have been taking this literally and our school looks amazing! I've been admiring the adorable craftivities that so many teachers are putting on display outside their rooms and have to say, I'm a little jealous.
I went to my go-to place to shop (also known as TPT) and starting browsing the selection of craftivities but could not find any that quite suited my goals. So...I made my own.

By the way, I was tired of having to change my bulletin board display every holiday so I found this idea at Crazy Speech World and use "Speech Tweets" as a general bulletin board. Then, I switch out the projects that we are working on. It's a good way for others to keep updated on what we've been doing in our speech room :-)

This week, we've been making synonym and opposite Christmas trees and verb presents! The kids had a blast with the trees but we're still working on completing some of the presents. I wanted to get this out to you though in case you wanted to use it next week.

Here is an opposite tree. I got the idea from Teaching with a Twist. Unfortunately, my students don't have contraction goals so I adapted it to make synonym and opposite trees!

My other project is verb gifts. Students place verbs in the column of the gift based on present or past tense. I found this one at Second Grade Cup of Tea. She has one for fact and opinion so head on over there if you're working on those goals!

Click HERE to download my freebie version.
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Free Sock Puppets App for Therapy

Yesterday I received an email at school letting teachers know of a free app that is pretty useful to use when teaching students. I jumped on board and tried it in my groups and already love it!

The app is called Sock Puppets and allows kids create their own puppet show.

First, you can select a puppet (all with different silly voices).

Next, select the background scene.

You can also select props like a microphone or trees.

After the stage is set, press the record button to speak. When you play it, the puppets automatically lip-sync to the recorded voice!

How do I use this in therapy?

I've used this app for retelling stories. Right now, in my speech room, I am using Jenna's Multicultural December Holidays to teach students about 3 different celebrations: Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas.
You can use this app for any listening comprehension activity though.

Next, I have the students put on a puppet show explaining the reading material. I usually have them tell me the main idea and a supporting detail.

Click below to see the awesome puppet show some of my students put on after learning about Hanukkah! (This was after they stopped giggling!)

The free version only comes with 30 seconds of recording time per show but you can upgrade to the complete version for $3.99 to receive 90 seconds of recording time.

This list of possibilities with this app is endless! Here's some I thought of:
1. To explain vocabulary
2. To explain the difference between a homophone, antonym, and synonym
3. To retell a story
4. To review a concept
5. To practice social skills

So far, my kids love it! And...best of all, it's free! Can you think of any other ideas to use this app with students?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Multiple Choice Articulation App Giveaway!

I have quite a few students I’m working on carry-over of skills for. You know the type-the student that is able to say the /th/ sound in words, sentences and even in paragraph form but the second he is out of the “speech” mind set, he is off saying “Okay, Mrs. Allison, see you next “Fursday!”

Then, I came across the Multiple Choice Articulation App.

In a nutshell, the Multiple Choice Articulation App provides specific questions that guide students to practice their sounds while in conversation. This app provides questions targeting the following sounds: /s,z,r,l,sh,ch,th/ as well as /s,r,l/ blends.

Once you choose the sound, you are able to select the position of the sound you are targeting (initial, medial, or final).

Next, a silly and thought-provoking question comes across the screen.

Students must respond using their sound in conversation.

Why I like Multiple Choice Articulation:
1.       It is difficult to find activities to work on sounds in conversation. This app provides tons of questions that guide the conversation in a way I know I’ll get a lot of responses from my students.
2.       It’s fun! My kids get a kick out of the questions! They are made for kids and are designed stretch their imaginations. A few of the questions have me pondering them!
3.       I use it for multiple different goals.  During a group, this app is great because I can work on articulation, grammar, and answering questions at the same time.  

Some things that would make it even better!
1.       An option to record student’s responses would be great to provide feedback.

This is an overall wonderful app that is super fun to use with students. It retails for $9.99. The creator of this app (Erik X. Raj) is a speech therapist himself and has generously offered to give one Multiple Choice Articulation app away! Please comment and leave your email address to enter. Thanks Erik!

*Update, I just saw that 2 Gals Talk About Speech Therapy is having the same give-away! Head on over there for more chances to win this app!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

*Freebie* Social Skills for Christmas

Ahhh...now it feels like Christmas. On Saturday, we went to cut our tree,  (Here's my excited "We're going to get the tree!" stance)

visited a few reindeer,

found and cut the perfect tree,

and decorated the house.

I do love Christmas! And not even because of all the fun decorations or songs (which I love as well) but Christmas has come to mean so much more to me over the years.
Anyways, as I'm sure you read from the title of this post, I've been hard at work on a Christmas Social Skills Packet that I am offering to you as a freebie! I'm offering it free because of all the encouragement I've received from starting this blog and my little store on TPT. I've had so many lovely emails from other therapists and teachers telling me that they've been reading this blog and have used some ideas from it! Wow! Here is my way of saying "Thank you!"
In this social skills packet, you receive:
20 Social Language Cards
1 Christmas Expression Worksheet
1 Christmas Charades Game
I am sooo excited to offer this as a freebie! All I ask is that you become a follower of my TPT store (if not already) and please leave some feedback (I love to hear if you're using it!)
You can find it HERE.
Merry Christmas!