Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Year Prediction Pack

Can you believe it's almost 2013? I feel like I've just become comfortable writing "2012!"

I wanted to get this Prediction Pack out to you before the craziness of the holidays is upon us! Christmas is my favorite holiday but with all the hustle and bustle, New Years can sometimes be forgotten. This activity pack is great because you can use this for a New Years activity or it can be used any time of the year! It contains "party" clip art so have fun with it even after the holidays!

Here's what's included:
24 "Predict the Book" activity cards. Students are given a possible title of a book and must guess what it will be about.

24 "Predict the Situation" activity cards. Students are given a situation and must predict what will come next. Great for cause and effect goals as well!

"Predict 2013" activity sheets. I included one with lines and one without for the younger students to draw their answers.

"Predict the Future" activity sheets. Students complete time capsule activities to predict the future. So fun!

Don't forget about the New Year! You can find this new pack on my TPT store HERE or my Teachers Notebook store HERE.
Happy predicting!


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    1. Thanks so much Jenn! I was just looking at your adorable Bear Language Unit. I absolutely LOVE that you're using Tier vocabulary with it! It makes it even that much better!


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