Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Purchases (and Recommendations)

The huge TPT Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale has hit and yes, I'm guilty of spending some money. I'm in awe of all the new and exciting materials out there for SLPs! I love creating materials-yes, but I also love spreading the love and buying other seller's materials out there as well. It's a win-win.

We had our first covering of snow today in Ohio so my purchases today seem to be "snow-themed." Winter activites that I can use for months are popping up everywhere! I love it!

Here are a few of the products I bought and would recommend:
Winter Wonderland Social Pragmatics Pack by The Dabbling Speechie

Why I like it:
This product is packed full of good winter activities for those social groups. I love that it contains posters that you can laminate and write on with dry-erase markers for responses in a flash. I also like the "Tone of Voice" cards as this is something I rarely address but is a needed skill for a lot of my students.

Another goodie is Receptive Winter Language: Speech Therapy by Jenna Rayburn. I love all of Jenna's products and this one is no different.

Why I like it:
I love the comprehension piece of this packet. Stories are read and students must answer questions based on main idea, prediction, recalling details, character, and setting. I'm all about how skills worked on in therapy translates into the classroom and this packet gets them in gear for understanding how to answer these types questions.

Why I like it:
I love the sequencing activities in this packet. A lot of my students have sequencing goals and this fits perfectly! You can make it harder by covering up the choices and letting them come up with the steps to complete the task themselves. I also like the "If, Then" cards because it provides a quick warm-up or fun activity to get my kiddos thinking.

These materials were great choices-way to go girls!
Here are a few tips on how I choose the materials I buy:
1. Read the reviews. They are from your fellow speech therapists and will tell you a lot about a product.
2. Look at the overall seller. Do they have a 4 star rating? Do they have decent-sized following of people?
3. Make sure the seller owns all the clip art being used. I buy my own clip art when creating materials and then always give credit to the designer in my product. Some sellers have come up with products using clip art such as Google Images or Microsoft Clip art. Unfortunately, they do not own this clip art. I have read through numerous license agreements and the safest way to know for sure is to buy the clip art being used.

Hope this gives you some ideas! I love shopping, don't you? If you haven't hit up the sale, there is still time to shop today, using the code CMT12 to receive an additional 8% off.
Happy Shopping!


  1. Thanks Nicole for sharing my product! I love all your stuff as well. It is very thorough and great for our kids

  2. Thanks for sharing Nicole! I used my receptive pack today too! I didn't have these! Off to TPT I go!

  3. You are the BEST! Thank you for sharing :) I am so glad to hear you like it!!!

  4. You are welcome! When I love something, I have to share! Thanks for creating :-)


Nicole Allison