Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Inference and Problem-Solving Activities

Confession: On November 2nd, I turned on my Christmas music. I know, I know too soon! I must say though, I love Christmas. Last year, when my husband and I were tearing apart our house, I had no kitchen. There was no tree. No baking. No lights. So....this year, I'm making up for it and starting 2 months early! "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!" Okay, okay...I'll stop. :-)

Anyways, throughout October, I was working slaving away on my new Christmas packet: "Christmas Inference and Problem-Solving Activities." Seriously though, I don't know how some of you amazing ladies do it-always popping out new and lovely materials! My TPT wish list is full-just in time for the holidays! :-)

This unit is based off of my "Inferential and Problem Solving Language Activity Pack" that you can find in my TPT store.

I am soooo excited to do some of these activities with my kiddos! Hmmmm....I wonder what they would think of an early Christmas ;-)
This fun activity pack includes:

*30 cards of "Guess the Gift" cards. Students are given 3 clues and must try to guess what is in each stocking.
*24 cards of "Take off the Beard" cards. Students must take off the Santa disguise by reading the quote and determining who said it.

*24 cards of "What Comes Next" to work on cause/effect and prediction goals.

*AND 3 "Look for the Difference" Worksheets. Students compare and answer inferential questions about objects.

You can grab this pack on sale now until after Thanksgiving! Find it at my TPT store HERE or my Teachers Notebook store HERE.


  1. This looks wonderful!! Thanks for creating!

    Heather (heathernnance@yahoo.com)

  2. These are so cute! Love the santa beards :)

    busy bee speech

    1. Thanks Lauren! The santa beards are my favorite too!


Nicole Allison