Saturday, November 10, 2012

Auditory Feedback Idea-Cheap!

Hello there! If it's your first time joining my little world over here, my husband and I are renovating our 125 year old house-which makes my life a little crazy a times! I've told some of my teacher friends "Can you please let me know if I come to work with sawdust in my hair!" No one's told me yet-which I take as a good sign :-).

Anyways, I make a lot of trips to home improvement stores and sometimes, I come up with an idea to use in therapy! For ideas on using paint cards, click HERE.

Here's another one I came across-using PVC piping for auditory feedback. Some of the kindergarten teachers use this in their classrooms when teaching letters and sounds. This stuff is super cheap as well. I think I bought mine for around $1-$2.
I bought two different kinds.

It works about the same as a plastic microphone. Kids love practicing their speech with them because they can hear their sounds amplified.  Love cheap and easy :-)
Have you found any cheap therapy uses lately?

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