Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Using Brown Bear to Teach ER and EST

I woke up two days ago with my first cold of the year. Ugh! It's bound to happen working with so many kiddos. However, speaking all day with tissues covering my face is not conducive to clear speech therapy. On top of this, it's Wednesday, and I have my two kindergarten classrooms to teach in. Oh well, it's all downhill from here :)
Using "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" to teach ER and EST in a classroom lesson:

Read the famous "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." I always have the kids finish the lines (they can usually do this after the first page). I have the book where you open the tabs and the kids love it! Ooo and Ahhh about how they are all such great readers-Hey, they need to hear it even if it is memorized!

Next, explain the difference between ER and EST by using a visual. I've included a quick one that I've made. I tell them that when I'm comparing two things, I use ER but when I'm comparing a bunch of things (more than two), I use EST. Then we have fun comparing my size to a student's "Who is biggER, Mrs. Allison or Johnny?" "What is the smallEST: a chalkboard, an eraser or a marker?"

Okay, this is where it can get a little crazy. I have the students work in groups of 4-5. They are usually sitting at tables so I just have them go to their table. According to the teachers, today was the first time the kindergarteners had ever worked in groups and we had to solve a few problems but I think it's so important that they learn this skill early! I gave each table pictures of the animals in the story. Their job is to work in teams (yes, teams) to sort the animals biggest to smallest. They will need help so it's great if you and the teacher can walk around and help them. Expect one student to hoard all the pictures and some yelling from the other students but I promise, you will get through it!

Here are the pictures I made and the visual. Have fun!


Nicole Allison