Sunday, September 9, 2012

House Stuff

This afternoon I am taking a small break from talking about speech therapy and would like to invite you over to my other blog (youngloveoldbeams). It centers around my other passion in life (besides speech therapy) and welcomes you into our messy but fun house renovation :). A year ago, my husband and I sold our 5 year-old house and bought a 125 year-old house at an auction (a crazy story). This past year we have worked day and night renovating it. We took a break this summer and went to Ireland (a much needed vacation!) but now are starting back to work on it.
Our next phase of the renovation includes renovating our only full bathroom, turning it into a master suite and then adding a full bathroom upstairs (scary-we are not experts on this stuff!) We thought it would be fun to get on the show "Renovation Realities" so we just filmed our application video this afternoon. I'll keep you posted if we get on the show!
If you love houses and renovating as much me, take a break on this Sunday afternoon and come into "my house." Tell me, what are your side projects away from work?


  1. Sounds like a dream, I would LOVE to buy an old house and fix it. :)

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  2. You guys are amazing! I love your house blog! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the TV show!! :)


  3. Thanks so much ladies! It's nice now looking back and having our house the way we like it...but I must say, it was hard not having a kitchen for 6 months!

  4. We're so happy that we're your newest followers!


Nicole Allison