Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Classroom Management for Older Students

I have good kids. I even dare to say I’ve never come across one I couldn’t motivate with something. However, this year, my kiddos are jumping jellybeans! I’ve never had a group this rambunctious and, although they are a blast, I know kids learn best when there are guidelines and expectations. Here are some ideas that I’ve done to keep those behaviors at bay-and the kids actually like them!

For my elementary kiddos, I have implemented the behavior system from [simply speech.] (Thank you!). I love this clip system because, unlike others, it doesn't just concentrate on punishing the bad behaviors but rewards the students who are working hard. After just a few weeks, my students know to come in, grab their clip and place it on the “green-ready to learn” box. Travel on over to [simply speech.] and implement your own version!

However, I cannot see my middle-schoolers and high-schoolers being thrilled about grabbing a clip. Instead, I use Class DoJo. This is a completely FREE behavior system that my district has implemented but that I just use with my older students.
I have to say, it’s amazing and here’s how it works:
First, each student is assigned a unique avatar (little monster).

Then, as the therapist or teacher, you can assign points to the avatars based on hard work, participation, or by creating your own good behavior. You can also deduct points from their avatar for disruption, disrespect, off task, etc.

I have told my students that they need to earn 10 points in order to receive a prize or candy. My middle school/high school prizes consist of more “cool” items such as “Angry Bird gummies,” school supplies, or a free lunch (I buy them pizza).

The best part about this program is that it gets students involved! Students are given a code once you assign them and they are able to go online and track their behavior, change their avatar and even buy things for their avatar with points. So far, many of my students have gone online and changed their avatar and are actually excited about it!

What really appeals to me is that the therapist or teacher can print off reports and track student's behavior or email it to parents. I use it on my iPad with the iPad app.

This is definitely a cool program and it's free. Check it out HERE.

How are you motivating those "hard to motivate" students? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I use class dojo too! MOstly just in one group where they are really into it.


  2. This is really neat! Thank you for sharing.


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  4. I LOVE Class DoJo! I don't have any kiddos older than 6th grade, but my 5th & 6th graders really like it...they think it's way cooler than a sticker chart. ;) I use it on Chrome (still a free app) since I don't have an iPhone or iPad.

    1. I hope they always keep it free! It's such a great resource!


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