Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's that time again!

Papers rustling, new students being entered onto a caseload, checking and then re-checking IEP due dates, does this chaos sound like you right now?

Over the summer, my office was painted-thank you school! A light, calming sky-blue color. It was actually titled "open air" from Sherwin Williams. In preparation for the new color, I thought about and planned what I wanted my speech room to look like. I had two requests:
I wanted something functional.
I wanted something welcoming.

I finally came up with this "tree" themed bulletin board. I am constantly rummaging for words with targeted sounds. If I don't have them on hand, I have to quickly think through and come up with a list in my head. Oh, and I printed off the cute speech signs from http://howpintearesting.blogspot.com/ for free on her TPT site! Thanks Laura!

Now, any time I'm in my room, I only have to look up and voila!-there are hundreds of words at my disposal!
Okay, so I also wanted a little, shall we call it "escape" by my desk. Here, I placed some pictures from our recent vacation to Ireland, yes Ireland, along with encouraging cards I've received along my journey as a SLP.  Now, when I have one those days (we all have them), I can escape to a happy place. :)

I enhanced my whiteboard.......

And also organized my materials by color.
Yellow=phonological awareness skills
Blue=reading comprehension

Whew! I love ideas! Tell me some things you've done to prepare your "little bit of speech heaven" this year!




  1. Nicole, I love it - all of the colors are great and work well together! I really like the "escape" and whiteboard trim. And I am so flattered you used the signs. I was going to ask everyone how they had used them, so I may need to link to your post.

    Oh, How Pintearesting!


  2. Thanks Laura! I loved the signs! Please feel free to link!

  3. I like your "tree" bulletin board. That came out really neat. I ended up going with a "hop into good speech" theme with frogs, since I like them and plan on doing a frog theme for all my preschoolers this fall. For my older kids, we'll decorate the board with extra (laminated) frogs. The kids are going to write a word they are working on for artic, or a category for language.


  4. Love seeing other SLP's organizational styles. Getting excited to start decorating my room when I get back. Doing a summer/beach theme....this is my first time doing a theme! I don't go back for another month, so I haven't gotten started yet.

  5. Nicole, this bulletin board is amazing!!! I want to make one just like it. Where did you get the branch decals? Thanks for sharing!


Nicole Allison